Marketing for Impact Storytelling

Use storytelling to demonstrate your authenticity

I try to buy as much as I can from organisations that have a positive social impact. A few years back I spent a year switching my regular purchases to companies that have strong social objectives and continue to make purchase decisions based on my view of an organisation’s social intentions. I made switches to…

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Want to save time on your marketing? Build a community.

Do you think you spend too much time on marketing? You are not alone! Are you always trying out different ways to attract new customers? Do you spend hours finding out the contact details of potential new customers and composing ‘the perfect’ email, and even more time deciding whether to send it. Do you worry they will…

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Marketing for Impact Commitments

Commit to your marketing success – 10 commitments that make a difference

Have you been bombarded in the last few weeks with messages about setting objectives for the New Year? I know I sent you an email last week about planning for the year and the first step was ‘set your annual marketing objectives’. I believe that setting objectives is a good thing. It gives you something…

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Marketing for Impact Plan

How to plan your marketing to be more effective

You want to make a bigger impact. You feel now could be the time your business is really going to take off. Not only do you want to make a difference to others but you also want to generate a sustainable income so you can live your life the way you want to. But when you…

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Marketing for Impact Customer Satisfaction

How to improve customer satisfaction

Many years ago I attended a training course about improving customer satisfaction and discovered a simple model that I have used to help clients improve their customer satisfaction ever since. The course was based on a case study – I don’t remember all the details but I want to share the story with you before I tell…

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