Marketing for Impact Minimum Viable Product

Save time and money – keep your launch to a minimum

For many years I have been delivering marketing workshops and training programmes in person. I love the interaction with my students and believe I learn as much from them as they do from me. Recently, however, I have been hearing from social entrepreneurs who want access to my programmes but are not able to attend…

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Marketing for Impact Planning

What’s the difference between a marketing objective, strategy and plan?

You know for your social enterprise to succeed you need to do some marketing. You are desperate to get more customers so you can have the positive impact you know you can. You have been in touch with some of your contacts, sent some emails to potential customers and designed a leaflet. But what next? People…

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Marketing for Impact Elevator Pitch

How to explain to potential customers what you do (hint: don’t!)

Do you find it hard to communicate what you do to potential customers? Do you start explaining all the wonderful things you offer but get bogged down in the detail? Do you tell people that you are a social enterprise, where you are based and how long you have been running? Do you think they find it…

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Marketing referrals

If you only do one bit of marketing this week – do this!

Have you ever claimed you don’t need to do any marketing because most of your business comes from word of mouth? When I hear people say this it makes alarm bells ring! Whilst word of mouth is an efficient and effective way of getting business, it is out of your control and not a route to building a sustainable business over time.…

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Marketing for Impact Make a Difference

What is marketing? And why you need to be good at it.

As a social entrepreneur you want to make a difference, that’s why you are social entrepreneur. By being good at what you do you can make a big difference in the lives of the people you have chosen to support. The problem is they need to know you exist. How good are you at letting your target audience know…

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