how to create an impact proposition

How to create an impact proposition

Do you ever feel like you are trying to be too many things to too many people? Are you tearing your hair out chasing different types of opportunities, applying for grants that are not a great fit or ‘flexing’ what you say you do, just to get customers?

If so, your lack of focus is likely to be making your marketing feel difficult and stressful.

Get your proposition right

The first step to staying focused is to get your proposition right. Your proposition is what you offer to customers in return for their money. If you stay focused on this the rest of your marketing will be easier.

Create an impact proposition

Although I regularly say your marketing should be all about your customers, I strongly believe that your proposition needs to start with you. As well as meeting a genuine customer need, to succeed and make an impact, you need to be passionate about and good at what you do.

I call this your impact proposition – the intersection between your purpose, your strengths and what your customers need (the sweet spot where your impact is likely to be at its greatest).

Before you start any more marketing activity do this!

Spend some time to create your own impact proposition:

1. Write a purpose statement: what are trying to achieve?

2. Be clear on your strengths: what do you and others think you are really good at?

3. Explore your customers’ needs: customers will only pay for things that will make a real difference to them.

When you have done this decide which customers needs you plan to fulfill and how, based on your purpose and strengths. When you focus your marketing on your impact proposition it will become easier and far more likely to be more successful than chasing every possible opportunity that comes your way.

Please share your experience

Do you have a clear impact proposition? How does it help you stay focused? Please share your experience in the comments box below.

Any questions?

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Suzanne Cleal

I run marketing training courses that help social entrepreneurs get more customers, build sustainable businesses and make a bigger impact. I believe that social businesses owe it to their audience to develop an authentic and successful marketing approach. With the right mindset, knowledge and tools marketing does not need to be difficult or take too much time and is essential to making a real difference.

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