make it easy for your customers to buy

Make it easy for your customer to buy

Imagine what it would be like if it was really easy for your customers to buy your service?

You would get more customers, generate a greater profit and, of course, make a bigger impact.

That would feel good!

The first step to achieve this is to package your services.

Why packages make it easier for your customers to buy

Potential customers worry about paying up front for intangible services. They feel nervous parting with their money when they are not sure exactly what to expect.

This is especially true for your potential customers if you talk generically about offering a bespoke service before you have had any personal contact with them (i.e. in much of your marketing material and especially on your website).

Creating and marketing your service as packages makes it clear exactly what customers can expect, making it easier for them to make the decision to buy (even if ultimately they opt for a more bespoke offering).

If you offer a number of different packages starting with your basic service through to more comprehensive packages with additional services it gives customers a better idea of what they can expect at what price.

The most common number of packages offered is three, often described for simplicity as your bronze, silver and gold package.

Why customers prefer packaged services?

Customers feel more comfortable buying packages because:

  • they can see at a glance the range of services you offer making it easier to evaluate if any of your services are right for them
  • as your pricing structure is transparent potential customers know exactly what they will get for their money making it easier to make a decision
  • they feel they are buying something tangible which helps them put a personal value on what you offer
  • customers with different needs can see what you offer that will suit them so they don’t feel they are buying additional services they don’t need
  • they can test your service out by buying your basic package but are reassured that they can get additional services in the future if they require them (without needing to change supplier)
  • if a customer wants a more bespoke service reviewing the packages will give them a good starting point , helping them understand what they are looking for and estimate approximately how much it will cost

8 ways to communicate your packages

Follow these eight steps to make it easier for your customers to buy:

  • give each package a name to reflect its contents (preferably based on an outcome or benefit)
  • create a brand for each package, even if it is just using a different colour in your marketing, so customers can identify the different packages easily
  • design each package so the additional value to the customer is more than the additional upfront financial commitment (as a reward to your customer for paying more upfront)
  • when describing each package focus on what type of customer will benefit from choosing that package and why, by highlighting the specific benefits to each group (ie ‘select this package if you are….)
  • make it clear that all your packages deliver great service and value for money, just in different ways (look for ways to communicate that your entry package is not inferior but different to the others)
  • create a standard template to communicate each package to make it easier for customers to compare and contrast
  • highlight the differences between your packages paying particular attention to what more customers get from each package in the series
  • provide a summary table to provide an at-a-glance overview of the differences, for example:
Bronze Silver Gold
Service 1
Service 2  
Service 3    

Please share your experience

Do you package your products? How does it help your customers? Please share your experience in the comments box below.

Any questions?

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